What is Social Count ?

If you want to get maximum exposure of your business you need to have a great number of followers on Social media websites. There are millions of people online on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + who can make the content present on your website viral within minutes. Now if you are having social media profiles of your website on Facebook, LinkedIn,Stumbleupon then it is great. To get the best results you need to keep track of social count by finding out the number of likes which you have received on your posts, how many shares of your posts are done on social media and much more. You can also try the Multi Dashboard for analyzing the bulk urls . We do also allow api calls at https://iamsujoy.com/social-count/api.php .
Using Social Count tool you will be able to analyze the social media stats of your website. This tool will show you all the likes, shares, clicks and even comments which are done on your post. It is really difficult to check the number of likes, comments, shares and clicks which you have received on different social media websites. This becomes really easy with share count tool as all the social media statistics will be present on a single page and all you have to do is enter the URL of your website and click Show Button.If you are wondering what are the benefits of social count tool you can find out below.

Benefits of using Social Count Tool

There are many benefits of social count tool. We have listed some of these benefits below.
You can get benefitted of all the above mentioned things by using this tool and that too for free. The social media websites which are compatible with Social Count Tool are mentioned below.

If you are having any difficulty in finding the social count of your website you can let us know using the contact us Page.