On Page Optimization

On Page SEO Optimization

On Page Optimization takes place for the first time you are going to build the webpage and need to inform to the user of reader or major search engines about the new page . I have highlighted some of the best information for you to understand On Page Optimization easily . These seo factors will help you to increase your website ranking on search engines .

What is On Page SEO

On Page SEO Optimization

On Page Search Engine Optimization means to inform the search engines regarding your website by including several details regarding your website inside your webpage . On Page Optimization is being controlled or managed by yourself or by a SEO auditor . There are various tools like On Page Optimization Tool which can help you to understand how to optimize your website properly and improve your on page as well as off page optimization . This tool can also be used for SEO Check of any website because people find Optimization Problems in their websites so this tool is far better for them .

The On Page Optimization takes place the following process :-

  1. Title Tag Optimization – This is the first thing of a webpage to mention the name of your page , which is mentioned in such a way that defines the page is about . Search Engines first check the page title and based upon that your webpage will be shown on the first page . A title tag can be your business name or service name also you can mention a quote for better ranking an mentioning about your webpage .
  2. Meta Tags Optimization – Your WebPages should have separate meta tags which defines about the webpage . Revealing several details about the page is a chance of getting high rank on Search Engines like Google , Bing , Yahoo . First you need to understand and then act upon the Meta Tag Generator tool which will guide you to generate meta tags for your websites easily . Just fill up the details and you are ready for your task of meta tag generation . After the meta tags is being generated you should add those codes below the <head> tag .
  3. URL Optimization – In your webpage you should not only link to your website but also you need to link to external reputed sites which are relevant and matches your website . Never link to other external websites which are not related to your webpage because this will result in penalize of your website from several major search engines . The keyword you use to rank high should be interlink as well as link to external link properly . Your webpage link should be in short and have the keyword that you are trying to rank for .
  4. Image Optimization – Image should be optimized properly that is size of the image and the name of the image should be matched with your keyword that you are trying to rank . Every image of your webpage should have the proper image alt tag and also the Title of the image . Search Engine Optimization always looks for the image that are being properly mentioned the keywords or not .

Example of the image optimization :-

<img src=”http://www.example.com/blogging.png” alt=”blogging”>

Image Optimization

Here are something that you should keep in mind regarding Image Optimization

  • Mention you images in English and in simple form do not use hard or unreadable words , So file names should be understandable easily by the user or reader .
  • File size of the image should not be much bigger that it takes a lot of time to load .
  • If you selling some products or services then you must use your product or service name in the image alt tag .
  • Never use a sentence for image alt tag (for eg: alt=”buy product abcd for cheap price and get it delivered easily”).
  • Never use alt tags for designing your webpage. Major Search engines penalizes the website for over optimization . So that should be keep in mind .
  1. Content Optimization – Your webpage content i.e. Text , Keyword , Images should be optimized in a such a way that the keywords that you want to rank for is having the maximum mentioned in the page . You should use the <h1> <h2> <h3> tag for letting it know that the page is for a particular theme . The keyword should be placed correctly in the sentence so that it is readable and matches with the sentence . Your content should be unique and that is never written in other website or available on other websites .

Lastly always remember that visitors are coming to your website for reading and understanding about the fact for which your webpage is being made . After coming from Google Referrer the most time the user spend on your website the more Google gives priority to your website . So keeping the detailed information in your website helps in ranking your website in Google .

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