How to create free and unique article in 3 Steps

Article Rewriter for creating article in 3 Steps

You have come to read about the 3 steps that are required for creating a Free and Unique Article Content. Creating articles are now required a lot of time and research in order to develop a good article. Blogs are the content hunger so every bloggers love to get the unique and fresh article for their blogs to grow. Google Loves unique articles and unique articles are always rank better in Google Search engines. According to one of the Moz Blog Post mentioned that why unique content is performed well so after lot of research I have developed the tool which is known as Article Rewriter and this help the writer, blogger to write unique and fresh article in just 3 single clicks.

I am sure that you will love my exclusive tool which comes with similar word suggestion and also helps in generating unique article from duplicate article easily. You can do a Free Research Articles also to get the articles but to get unique articles you need to make it better and understandable properly.

But now it is easy to create an article in just 1 – 2 – 3 Steps. I know you don’t believe it so I am going to show you how to work and create your article freely. You should also consider that creating article will not help you to rank better so I do suggest you to read my recent article which mentions about the On Page Optimization to make Major search Engines to identify your article properly.

While you submit unoriginal content in your website, you are one in all many – possibly hundreds – of publishers doing the same. If 1,000 web pages comprise same article content, how many have a ranking position on the first web page of Google for a given time period? At the maximum 10 results . However, Google rarely shows a couple of equal pages and this become real lengthy earlier than the algorithm trade. With hundreds of thousands of web pages competing for similar keyword phrases, replica content material would not stand a hazard. Even worse, wherein character replica pages may also harm earlier than today, the whole domain could be devalued with the aid of Google if the website indicates signs of being a copied content material .

Step 1 for creating free and unique article

Visit Article Rewriter and enter a duplicate content article that you have copied from Free Article Sites to create unique and looks like fresh.

Free Article Rewriter for free and unique contentScreenshot of Article Rewriter as of 28-02-2016 source Flickr

Step 2 for creating free and unique article

Now You need to put the Duplicate Content that are required to build as fresh and unique, I have put some demo content and take the screenshot and I have given it below.

article rewriter with free and contentScreenshot of Article Rewriter as of 28-02-2016 source Flickr

Step 3 for creating free and unique article

After the article is being inputted and now it is the time to do the magic ;) . So simply click on the Spin button and it will process and give you the premade article content like the below given screenshot, you can now check the words are suitable according to you or not. Upon clicking on the words you will get the better suggestive words that you can replace with the suggestive words. After you finish up the replacement of the words, you have to click on Finish Button in order to give you the 100% unique article.

article rewriter finished

Screenshot of Article Rewriter as of 28-02-2016 source Flickr

Now your article is fully ready to publish in your blog or website. I hope this one helped you to create a unique article faster and also freely.