Count social shares easily for your websites

Social Shares

Social shares and social media is one of the best platforms which can be used to promote a business online. These days every website is having a social media profile on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon. One can share content daily on these social media profiles as it will help in spreading the posts and articles which are present on a website with millions of users.

Social SharesCreating social media profiles like Facebook , Twitter or Google Plus and sharing the content on these social media profiles won’t be enough as one should analyze the social media profiles and find out which post is getting the maximum number of likes, shares and comments. To calculate the social count of the posts and all the content which is shared from your website on Facebook, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google Plus you can use social count tool. Social count is a free tool which will calculate the number of likes, comments and shares which are done on the posts shared from your website. The tool is available on free and works with some of the best social media websites.

Unlike other tools you don’t have to install Social count on your computer as you just have to open a website and enter the URL which you want to analyze. The tool will show a complete report of all the likes, comments, shares, clicks which are done on different social media websites. You can also find out the total count using this tool and that too for free. The tool will also help you in calculating the total shares of multiple URL’s at the same time. Once you know which posts are being liked by the fans of your social media pages you can share more similar content. It will look better if you integrate Social Sharing Buttons on your website as Onpage SEO effect your seo ranking positively in major search engines .

Why Social shares checking is important

Many of you might be wondering why it is important to check the Social shares & Ranking In Search Results of a website. Well there are many reasons and we have stated some of these reasons below.

  • With the help of social share you can find out the total number of likes, comments, shares and clicks which are done on the content which is present on social media profiles of your website. As the tool analyzes the website on different social media profiles it will help one in understanding which social media profile needs optimization.
  • As you will be able to find out the content which is getting the maximum number of likes and comments on different social media profiles, you can share similar content with your fans.
  • You can easily improve your presence once your website is analyzed and you know the results with Free Social Sharing.

Social Popularity is the positive effect of Ranking

Earlier it was only considered that if a website is getting ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo and if the results are visible on the first pages of any search engine then it is popular. Social media websites are no less than any search engine these days. You can use the search tabs to find Fan pages and get help. A lot of people check how much shares, likes are on a Facebook page of any social media profile these days.

If a website is popular on social media profiles then it will be ranked easily in search engines as well. This means that a website should have a strong fan base on Facebook, Stumbleupon, Google Plus and other social media platforms. If the content present on a Facebook fan page is shared and liked by thousands of users then the website will get ranked easily. Content can easily go viral on social media websites and if you manage to create a trend on any social media platform then your website will get ranked easily in all the major search engines.

How to get Traffic from Facebook

Facebook Traffic

Facebook is undoubtedly the best social media platform which is out there. If you know how to use Facebook properly then you can get unlimited traffic from it on your website and that too for free. You can follow some tips below which will help you in getting traffic from Facebook or Twitter .

  • Share content on social media profiles of your website. If you have created a social media profile of your website then it is sure that you are having fans following your Facebook fan page. Share unique and interesting content on these social media pages as if the fans of your page find the post interesting they will click on that post and will get redirected to your website this will also increase your Social shares.
  • Facebook also comes with ads manager. You can use the ads manager to promote your website on Facebook. It will cost you a couple of bucks but your website will get great traffic from Facebook using Ads Manager.
  • You can share the posts on your social media profiles. If you are having many friends or followers then they might like to open the interesting post link to find out more amazing content.

How to get Heavy Traffic from Stumbleupon Votes


The above tips will help you in getting traffic from Facebook, however if you want to get traffic from stumbleupon votes you can follow the tips shared below.

  • The best tip which you can follow to get unlimited traffic from stumbleupon votes is by sharing amazing content. Write down amazing articles and if you manage to get thousands of votes on your article then it is sure that your website will go viral and you will get heavy traffic from Stumbleupon.
  • is the shortening network of stumbleupon. You can share the content which is bookmarked on stumbleupon byshortening it on other social media profiles. The more are the number of shares the more are the votes. More votes results in heavy traffic from stumbleupon.

Get as much as followers you can and be sure to keep a regular check over your website’s Social shares. As soon as you will bookmark or share new content on stumbleupon your followers will get updates. You can also click on the Share now button which will share new posts from your Stumbleupon account with your followers.